Reply To: Tell me about plasma exchange

October 30, 2019 at 4:58 pm

Thanks for the feedback, Eviator. I recently switched neurologists because I’d developed doubts about my former, aging doctor. He had told me after every EMG that I showed improvement, but I never felt any better. I had a relapse in late summer and still feel terrible despite an increase in my IVIG dose (I take 40 mg a week). My new doctor looked at all my EMGs and said the latest one was more or less the same as the first one I had, before I even started treatment in early 2017. He wants to do a new EMG, then decide what change to make that could help me. PE is one option. I don’t want steroids with all the side effects — and I can’t take steroids orally anyway because I have an ulcer. As you know, not many options exist aside from IVIG.