Reply To: GBS for 17 months, not much change

August 14, 2019 at 8:07 pm

Hi! Thanks for the response. I have to say, I’ve been really discouraged lately. I am not as impacted as many people on this forum, which makes me grateful! However, I have been told there is no treatment, I was diagnosed too late for the standard IGG. I feel like I am losing more function and some days my symptoms are way worse than others. I have an appointment with my neurologist in a month. I’ll see my GP sooner and he might get me in. Our house is three stories, I thought about an elevator and stair lift but we might just sell instead. I have renewed hope that I will get better, my neurologist said he didn’t think I would…..I use a cane but I am going to have to start using a walker soon. Do you exercise? I’ve been doing Pilates, balance and resistance, hoping to keep some function.