Reply To: Newly diagnosed GBS and terrified

August 14, 2019 at 5:45 pm

Hi Kathy, I have been dealing with GBS 20 months now. It came on after a bout with shingles in December 2017. I also have CLL that lowers my immune system. I went thru 20 IGG infusion since January 2019, four days a month. I must say a few days after each IGG infusions, I felt a change for the good. I was sorry to hear the IGG damaged my kidneys, so I will not do that again. I felt good for about 6 weeks and now going in reverse. Legs and hands are becoming numb again. My friend was in worse condition than me and went thru Plasma Pherisis (probably spelled wrong), and had no side affects. He had the treatment about 15 years ago. So if you need IGG or the plasma exchange, I would choose the plasma treatment. This is a weird medical problem, and I read there is a 90% recovery rate. Hang in there, listen to your doctors and do PT a few times a week. BTW age plays a part of the recovery process, I was 75 when it got me and still fighting. My the Lord get you thru this affliction.