July 20, 2019 at 11:26 pm

Boy it is hard to reply on here. I didn’t have anything like IVIG or PP. They gave me a steroid of some kind. They had to call in another neurologist because they didn’t know what it was. They even did another operation to see if they goofed up. I would not stop screaming in pain and could not move. I don’t remember the first month, they had me on so much pain medication. It took forever to get me to move my legs on the parallel bars and it was one foot by inches for days and on and on. I went home still paralyzed. I never heard of Kratom, the stuff I am on now and being taken off is very additive. and the government says all people but cancer patients are to be off of it(Fentenal). They never tried to give me any IVIG or the PP. No one seems to know how to take care of GBS patients around here. Green Bay, Wisconsin is big enough, you would think. I am slowly going back from what I had gained. I use 2 canes and can walk but not real good. I refuse to go into a wheel chair completely. I am allergic to so much medication and can’t tolerate many others. Hope you continue to improve with the gamaplex infusions as you said.