Reply To: Scared at 82

March 13, 2019 at 11:18 am

Hello to everyone! I have read your posts and hope that you are all doing better. I came down with GBS in Aug of 2018 and was hit pretty hard. I spent most of my stay in the hospital in ICU. When I was finally able to move on to a therapy facility, we chose to go to Sheperd Center in Atlanta. I do believe that they gave me life back. It was definitely boot camp! I have been home for 2 months and as you all know, lower legs, ankles, feet and hands continue to be an issue. I can walk with forearm crutches but still have to use the chair for long distances. I do hope that i continue to improve as doctors have told me, but I am fully aware that 100% recovery may not happen. I am very thankful for for where I’m at considering where I started. It took both treatments to stop the progression and as bad as I got, I know it could have been worse. I don’t have any insights into treatment but I do know that if you have a choice of rehab facilities I recommend Sheperd center. Their positive attitude and availability of services are amazing. I wish all good luck with your recovery!