Reply To: Exhausted please help— treatments failed

November 12, 2018 at 4:33 pm

I just finished my first month of IVIG. It was 4 days in a row at an infusion center. I also have terrible veins, but was thrilled that the center left my IV in for the 4 days. They flushed it with heparin and put a cap on the end.
My doctor mentioned that I may be able to start home infusions if they go well. I am not happy about that idea for a few reasons. My BP went very high and the rate had to be slow. I also had a vicious headache by day 4. I’m thinking that if a home infusion nurse wants to rush along, she won’t keep it slower because of my BP and headache. Also, if she can’t start the IV, I could see my husband going crazy since he is a paramedic and has been doing them all his life. Most healthcare providers wouldn’t let him start the IV. Plus, I would feel compelled to talk to this person the entire time. I would rather go to the hospital infusion center.