Reply To: Can CIDP Cause HIGH Vitamin B-12 Value

August 30, 2018 at 2:48 am

Jim-LA – thank you very much for writing, and for the links you shared – I checked them all out. From them, it seems there is limited work and experience to read about, so far, on what if any benefits there are to vitamins and supplements for GBS and CIDP.

Today I had the Myers Cocktail. There is an expression, “a swallow does not a Spring make” – so I shouldn’t read too too much into today’s experience. I’ll have to see how it works out over time.

That said – it was rather awesome. My symptoms after the Myer’s were the lowest today since this syndrome started for me.

My GBS (probably not CIDP, although I cycle and it changes a lot – so, to be determined) is less severe than many others, though it has been upsetting to me, not only making life hard but also frightful, off-putting, yucky to sense and live with. I was in emergency twice in the last week. So with the Myer’s today it was remarkable. I felt notably well afterwards. As a positive side effect, my sense of smell was sensitive afterwards, and remains so.

I had been skeptical and fearful about trying the Myers. No bad side effects, only some discomfort in the vein used, which sometimes happens and is not a problem to me. I get it now that the effect of intravenous vitamins can be different from swallowing them – the body and the stomach are a natural filter limiting the amount of vitamins and minerals allowed into the bloodstream.

I found the experience remarkable. It was encouraging to feel less dizzyness, less numbness, less clumsyness.

I do expect to do it again, but I’m spacing it out in time. I feel I have too many medical things to attend to, too many doctor’s appointments, all that – just too much. But I will definitely be learning more about the Myer’s Cocktail, and trying it again. Without doubt I feel it took me in the right direction.

Thank you very much again for writing 🙂