Reply To: First week back to work…

June 24, 2018 at 6:23 pm

I’m a year and 7 months into this thing. My feet still are numb from the balls forward and I take 3600mg of Gabepentin to mitigate the burning in my feet. I found moving from a gym shoe to a work boot has helped my foot pain greatly while at work.

My hands have healed at about 99%. If I’m really tired and overuse them, I get tingling for a few minutes.

I still feel numbness in my calves, it isn’t horrible, but it is still there. My stamina is greatly improved, but at times, the well runs dry and I’m just out of gas.

Maybe I’m 92% of my pre-CIDP self. One side note. The original prescription of steroids, which I was on for 15 months, basically shut down my adrenal glands. They are barely producing natural steroids, and as a result, when I finally went off of them in March, I felt horrible. Every muscle, every joint was in spasm or just hurt. Plus I was just exhausted.

Now I’m back on prednisone, probably for life, but at least all the cramps, spasms and joint pain are gone and I have a good bit of energy.