Reply To: Restless leg syndrome

February 28, 2018 at 7:28 pm

Definitely follow a healthy “diet”. WebMD says to get enough magnesium. (I had severe RLS as a child for whatever reason…being underfed? Anyway, I can relate to people who have it. It hurt so bad I cried…)
Your doctor should be able to help you with some of those questions. You’ll need to have them sign for a legal special parking permit to use until you can walk safely in public parking areas. I didn’t always use mine (saved it for bad weather or severe fatigue days).
Dr. should (maybe a nurse practitioner, etc) have input on work restrictions and any accommodations needed. Start working partial days depending on type of activity (sitting at a desk vs operating heavy machinery).
Fatigue has so many variables! Push yourself harder on days when you know you can 1)get home safely, 2)recover the next day (as in do little more than eat and sleep). You’ll get an idea of what you can tolerate, but keep in mind that no two days/weeks will feel the same, especially so early on in recovery.
Drink water. Stretch.