Reply To: Recent CIDP diagnosis

February 23, 2018 at 8:45 am

BryanF, I’m with you on the fatigue. I drink lots of coffee in the morning to get going but it just doesn’t do it for me. I am especially fatigued 3 to 4 days after my second day of infusion. unlike you, if I go to bed early i wake up too early and can’t go back to sleep, I get up at 5:30 AM and usually fall asleep around 9:30PM but I am still fatigued almost constantly. My bloodwork is all normal and indicates no vitamin/iron deficiency. I’m trying to learn to live with the fatigue but I find it more and more difficult with still working a full time job. Thank God for my wife who takes care of all the housework and doesn’t nag me to do things when I need to just rest alot on the weekends.