Reply To: From a Wife of a GBS Patient

January 24, 2018 at 12:16 pm

Keep your hopes up! Search on youtube and facebook for Holly Gerlach, a woman who had GBS after having just given birth to her daughter, and who is doing extremely well now.
My mom (72 at the time) got GBS and was on a ventilator for 17 months… she was in ICU for 5 months, and couldn’t speak for 3 of those. While that was a very, very long time, younger people recover faster, and they often have far fewer residuals effects. Although my mom is now in a nursing home in a wheelchair, she did get off the ventilator (even though they said she wouldnt), learnt how to eat again and can move herself around. As contrast: Holly Gerlach, in her 20s, now goes to the gym on a daily basis.