Reply To: Effects of GBS over 2 years later

January 17, 2018 at 2:50 am

Hello birdalot,
I saw my Dr. For EMG results and they were abnormal but that is normal. I am planning to see Dr. At center of excellence facility as last attempt to see if there is anything else I can do. For now I need to wear my braces on ankles. Especially in the snow, it’s like walking on Jello! I’m not sure what kind of shoes I will wear in summer but my Dr advised to have braces for all seasons. It’s less about my knees lately as far as pain etc. It’s very much about my ankles. I’ve also had swelling again in feet and calves. My Dr. Suggest that maybe the ligaments that surround the ankles are stretched and unable to aid in my stability. In past 42 years I know I’ve rolled my ankles numerous times, never falling. Maybe all those “saves” are used up. At home inside my home, I’ve been wearing my braces and tennis shoes. I feel very supportive and stable. Because when I’m wearing slippers or socks, my feet are constantly trying to roll on the sides. It’s so automatic, I have to look down and correct my stance. The ligaments and tendons in my knees must be giving out as well for it seemed to affect knees and then now ankles. My doctor also said that testing results did not show any GBS reoccurrence or any other sources to cause the instability. So one foot in front of the other I go, feeling very grateful 😊