Reply To: Anti-MAG treatment update

January 6, 2018 at 2:15 pm

Hi SundayRush,

Welcome to the forum! We are a small group since anti-MAG is so rare, but I waa glad to have found this group to share experiences, research, ideas.

It’s great to hear your improvement with Rituximab and I am sure you will continue your improvement now that your feet have healed.

Do you know whether your foot injuries were related to anti-MAG?

During the past year I may have had 2 stress fractures in my feet based on swelling and pain. At the time I was probably walking TOO much. My feet are numb but also the muscles have atrophied and I can barely move my toes.

My theory is that with muscle atrophy / motor function loss as a common symptom of anti-MAG in addition to sensory loss, the feet no longer have the normal support from muscles, tendons, etc. so the bones are under more stress. Two years ago I received custom foot orthotics and this has helped a lot and I wear them indoors and outdoors.