Reply To: Newly Diagnosed with GBS

December 30, 2017 at 10:49 am

Hi, I got GBS about 15 yrs ago. I think its a shame if your insurance company is holding this up. From what I understand the sooner they start it less damage occurs, quicker rehab fewer lingering effects. I think, in my case, it may have started with a sinus infection I was battling, was also under tremendous stress. I got the burning numb feeling in my toes of one foot, then the other, then it started up my legs. The pain in my back got so severe, I was crying in the shower. Morphine shots would only last a few minutes. I went to 3 hospitals in 2 days trying to get relief, by the time I made it to the 3rd, I could no longer speak, my eyes would not close, could not swallow, my tongue did not work, could not use my hands, my posture was nothing but a slouch. I could still walk, in a Frankensteinish way. They did tests and started me on IVIG. The IVIG in itself is kind of a risk. You have to be closely monitored the first time you get it. Things started turning the corner after that. Never quite made it back to 100%. My eyes water, especially when I eat. The right side of my face will droop and my speech is a little slurred when I get too tired. Can no longer whistle or smile. Hang in there, it mostly takes time to recover. I was back doing service work in about 4 months.