Reply To: From a Wife of a GBS Patient

December 29, 2017 at 12:02 am

It is normal to be anxious and depressed. You can help offset this by assuring him that it is treatable and that people do recover from this illness. Although I was never ventilated, I spent four months in hospital and was quadriplegic for a few weeks. Today, although I have some residuals, I walk without assistive devices.

You should get a cippy of Parry and Steinberg, if you can. It is a good overview of the various forms of acquired peripheral neuropathy. It is comforting to know as much about the disorder as you can. There is much advice in that book which you might find helpful.

You also might try to arrange a visit from someone who has recovered from a severe case of GBS. This foundation may be able to help by contacting a representative in your area.