Reply To: Was I misdiagnosed? Here's my strange GBS story.

December 20, 2017 at 4:55 pm

I have/had what I consider middle-of-the-road GBS. Not mild, but I spent more time in “the hospital” than I ever thought possible for a healthy, athletic adult. (Didn’t see my house or critter for 2 months.)
I don’t remember any pain prior to the spinal tap (had more of the numbness and tingling like a caffeine OD), but I had a previous minor back injury that usually didn’t cause me any pain unless I laid around too much, which, by the time I got the spinal tap, I’d easily passed. To this day, 5 years after diagnosis, the only physical pains I get are in places I’d previously injured: nearly-frostbitten toes, back, shattered ankle, cracked ribs. Full-blown asthma where I only had exercise-induced asthma (not in need of inhaler, just awareness). ADD is worse…
“It” doesn’t seem to be going away…just taking a backseat.