Reply To: Newly Diagnosed "Mild" GBS

December 18, 2017 at 6:25 am

Hi, I have been diagnosed with a mild case of GBS I was diagnosed 1 week ago and symptoms started 2 weeks ago, starting with parastheasea in my hands. The neurologist was not concerned and said if it spread into the wrists or ankles to return. I have since had mild numbness in my feet, but this sensation went away and then became sore. The parasthesea in my hands became less like pins and needles and more stiff and swollen. I am unsure weather I should return to the neurologist, it is rather expensive and I feel like if its a mild case that will just go away its a waste of time and money. My symptoms:

I have roaming pain and stiffness (burning sensation) in my joints (ankles, knees, wrists),
A slightly numb sensation below the knees,
Roaming numbness in the feet,
Pain in the upper arms (worse at night). Stiffness in the wrists, twitchy thumb, sometimes other fingers but only on the right (dominant) hand.
Numbness in the hands comes and goes, and feels more painful in the finger joints.
Heavy limbs
Crawling skin over all limbs and torso also comes and goes.

All of these symptoms are relatively mild and come and go. Should I return to the neurologist or just sit it out for a couple weeks more and see how things progress?