Reply To: Just trying to understand

December 12, 2017 at 4:35 pm

It really depends at what stage you start from. At my worst, I could barely walk and was collapsing.

Five days of IVIg this January got me walking by the 6th day and I improved over the next month.

I topped out at 80% of my former self. From late February through March I started to decline and needed a cane to get around.

I got another 5 days of IVIg in early April and it barely made a difference. (I think they administered it way too fast).

I changed doctors and got another 5 day round in May. It was administered at a much slower rate. During the next few weeks I felt my core strength return. I felt like I returned to 85% of my former self.

Since then I get biweekly tteatments of IVIg.

At best, progress is incremental. I’d say I’m 87% of my former self. It’s progress, but so frustratingly slow.

Then, there are the ups and downs. CIDP recovery for me is two steps forward and one back.

At the end of the day I’m exhausted and stress brings back numbness in my hands and in my legs.

So hang in there and come to grips that recovery is a long curvy road with speed bumps and a frustratingly low speed limit.