Reply To: Just trying to understand

December 10, 2017 at 12:49 pm

It is important to reduce stress levels for best overall health and recovery from any condition.

The rate of recover from demyelination and axonal damage, if any, is very slow. Of more importance are factors such as how long from symptom appearance to first treatment. Consider the results of a 5 year study:

“Conclusions- The long term prognosis of CIDP patients was generally favourable, but 39% of patients still required immune treatments and 13% had severe disabilities. Mode of onset, distribution of symptoms, and electrophysiological characteristics may be prognostic factors for predicting a favourable outcome.”

And this from the National Institutes of Health:

“Complete remission, partial remission, and severe disability have all been reported.[6] Some people may have a “bout” of CIDP followed by spontaneous recovery, while others may have many bouts with partial recovery in between relapses. Some people are left with residual numbness or weakness that can lead to reduced quality of life…”

It is important to follow your doctor’s treatment plan and focus on what you can do. As stated above, you’ll look back some day in the future and likely say, “Oh, I can do these things again.” Please do not expect it’s like taking a pill and getting better tomorrow. It is not.