Reply To: Newly Diagnosed with CIDP

November 16, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Thanks all for posts,
Well, I finally have my insurance straightened out and have been scheduled for first treatment next week. I was given the option to do the 4 day or 2 day treatment. I chose the 2 day since i still work and really would like to avoid the 4 days in a row at infusion center. Hopefully i made the right choice. I’ll see next week. For anyone reading this post i would like to let you know what i found out about coverage of treatment. When i first went to the doctor i only had Medicare [original]….just truned 65 in August. After diagnosis I initally was being set up for home infusion treatment. The home infusion service said they were not able to service the treatment order because they were out of network for my part D [perscription] Medicare coverage. At this point i realized it would be costly going this route so I called Medicare/Infusion centers and did Internet search and determined that if i had treatment done at an infusion Center [or hospital] and had a Medigap part F Plan i would not have any out of pocket expense. Infusion at Infusion center would fall under Medicare part B. So i purchased a F Plan since i just turned 65 a few months ago [when 1st signing up for Medicare you have a 6 month window to purchase a Medigap plan]. My doctor’s nurse sent all the required paperwork to infusion center which submitted approval TO Medicare and supplimental insurance and am now good to go. I just hope the IVIG helps. I am lucky in that i only have mild case at this point in time and have the opportunity to get treatment that could stop and possible reverse damage.