Reply To: New- CIPD and Central Nerves/ Cranial

November 9, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Well Ive just had my 11th IVIG (Providgen) and am not that much better. I’m on a 6 week interval now. I have alway been very very active person. At 75 I exercise 4 times a week. My idea of exercise is to work each exercise until I can’t do another repetition of it. I first ride an incumbent bike for 30 minuets of an hour with resistance. When I stop i’m breathing hard. Not through my mouth but heavily. I also break a light sweat on my brow.Light machine exercises for another hour. Thats 3 times a week and light chair exercises the other days. I’m still walking with a cane and having most of my symptoms remaining. More later fellow vets.