Reply To: Newly Diagnosed "Mild" GBS

November 8, 2017 at 10:19 am

I am about 4 weeks out. I have only had a bout of bladder retention for 13 days (had to self cath) complete numbness in my saddle/pelvic/anal area, 3 fingers on my right hand are numb at the top, right leg and foot and left foot are numb. Two weeks ago I received on round of IvIg in the hospital. I am awaiting for home infusion therapy to continue IvIg. My doctor is still saying AIDP and interchangeable axonal sensory gbs. She does not think my symptoms will progress b/c they would have by now. I feel grateful to just having this degree of symptoms. I would ask for at least a round of Ivig. It cannot not hurt!