Reply To: subcutaneous infusions

November 8, 2017 at 7:42 am

SandraP, like you-was having the same issue with my arms/veins and was 37 when started treatment. Had a port placed about six months into treatment. I’m highly immunosuppressed due to autoimmune encephalopathy and was worried about the risks as well. After two months, my scar turned bright red and purple. Turned out one of the sutures didn’t dissolve properly. Let’s just say it let itself out so to speak…and so did some antibiotics then was fine. Not a single issue in nearly two years.

My dad and uncles all have ports for cancer treatment of various kinds so I️ felt very comfortable with it. I’ve flushed and cared for my dad’s for years.

The other form of IVIG seems more invasive and I️ would have to do it more often to get any benefit. I’m going to be on it forever, so I️ love my port. Hope this helps.