Reply To: Why Does Recovery Take So Long?

November 2, 2017 at 1:23 am

Good evening “Mr or Mss JK” you looks like you are very knowledgeable referring GBS, i will like to talk to you about my case and see if you have any input in my case. This Nov 8 2017 its going to be a yer that GBS get me after a stomach flue when i was 58 years,(i have no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no health issues except GBS, but 59 years old) my recuperation its been very slowly i wondering if its because my age. I recovery about 40% of my hands and arms movement but my hands trembles so much to the point I throw my food out of the fork and Im still in wheelchair, my ankles can not hold my body weight, one year in recuperation and counting. I just got authorised to get five consecutive IVG infusions and one every month, last week I got two and this week two more I had four until today Nov 1 2017 and I dont feel any improvement, to the contrary i feel tire and sleepy.Do you know anything more I can do to improve faster or should i get in the idea of I PLATO.
Appreciate your attention to this matter
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