Reply To: CIDP Going for secon opinion

October 3, 2017 at 11:02 pm

Thanks for the various experiences with IVig. I have been surviving on Prednisone, Adderall, and Hydrocodone. for the past 4 years. Quality of life has been acceptable but not as good as if I would have espected. In the last month my status has gone down hill rapidly. Pain is almost full time regardless of being dormant or active. Exacerbated by stress and anxiety. Contacted my Neurologist for an urgent appointment which will be next Monday. He is on vacation this week. In the interim he advised that I increase from 30mg Prednisone every other day to 60mg every day. He wants to recommend IVig as a next course of treatment. I have heard of Subcutaneous IVig becominng an inexpensive alternative and much more convenient.