Reply To: Los Angeles, CA – 2016 GBS/CIDP Chapter Meeting!

September 21, 2017 at 4:55 pm

Hey Jim LA,

The autoimmune attack on your red blood cells (RBC) may be because the RBC have excess free labile iron loaded in the membranes. The immune system mistakes iron loaded tissues for infectious pathogens because of the excess iron. Iron loading is the actual underlying pathology for most neurodegenerative diseases. Eventually, an iron defense system kicks in and new iron from the diet is locked into the enterocytes that transfer iron from the gut. the iron loaded enterocytes will be sloughed off into the stool and iron deficiency anemia would soon result. Excess iron loading in most of the tissues would still be present.

Looking at the comorbidities of a specific disorder gives you some worthwhile clues as to what the common underlying pathologies may be. Restless legs syndrome is a comorbidity of CIDP. 40% of CIDP patients have restless legs syndrome which is associated with a deficiency of iron uptake into the dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra pars compactor area of the brain. The new iron uptake is essential to catalyze the formation of dopamine. Sufficient levels of dopamine prevents the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease restless legs syndrome and other motor control related symptoms. Pink lotion application up regulates the insulin mediated absorption of transferrin bound iron into the dopaminergic neurons and provides complete symptomatic relief to restless leg symptoms in about 20 minutes. CIDP patients may have a deficiency of iron in the affected neuronal tissues that can be partially remediated by the optimization of insulin mediated transferrin iron uptake by pink lotion. Vitamin D3 and gaba will also downregulate an autoimmune attack. Ken Russell 512*909*7963 kruss3@gmail