Reply To: my doc about to diagnose me with cidp

September 16, 2017 at 10:03 pm

Hello, I have very similar symptoms/diagnosis, EXCEPT; the huge center I was going to, after 1 year, ran FNA (fine needle aspiration) fat pad (belly area) tests. They tested in-house, several times, until 1 year later they sent tests to Mayo Clinic, confirmed AL Amyloidosis. And now going to Mayo for 2nd opinion & treatment! This crap makes your joints & bones feel like you’re in a medieval torture chsmber! I also have M spike of IGg multiple myeloma, 30% marrow. (Bone marrow biopsy) Make sure they test & rule out those 2 evils! I also have CIDP inflammation and (polyneuropathy) both legs to hips. I had core biopsies on length of legs, “surface” nerves gone, & had emg (shock-conductance) deep nerves gone both legs/feet.
I wish You the very best!
Don’t give up testing process until you have all answers!!!