Reply To: Undiagnosed Adult GBS, mild case?

August 22, 2017 at 10:59 pm

Wow, quite the presentation there. My first instinct is to turn away from the prospect of GBS in your case because paresthesias, yes, but Bell’s palsy and sciatica, ehh not so much.

Also, your neural symptoms in the mid-upper thoracic spine are not indicative of EARLY GBS, which typically presents in the lower extremities first and most prevalently. Concerning etiology, recent infection, check, but there are hundreds of weird opportunistic deals that can follow, not just GBS.

Sorry if this is super inconclusive, but it really does sound like you have something else going on; not surprised GBS was eliminated diagnostically.

Summary of out-loud thinking:

Certainty that it is not GBS – 64%, idea of what it could be – 0%, hopeful usefulness to you = some?? I wish you the best of luck in sussing this out.