Reply To: Anyone else have GBS of the abdomen/stomach/trunk/head (not limbs) ?

August 22, 2017 at 1:43 am

I’ve never heard of such thing, but would think it is not, strictly speaking, GBS, but some other variant, simply because GBS is fairly well-defined.

To clarify, I assume you don’t actually mean “stomach,” but the skeletal muscles of the midsection, is that correct? Can you sit up? GBS and similar variants affect more than limbs. Usually, it starts in the legs and moves upwards. A serious case which moves up into the torso will cause one to be unable to sit erect.

I am glad to hear you are improving. I take it you did not have any IvIg, which is the usual treatment for GBS and similar conditions? I don’t know whether that would make any difference at this late stage.