Reply To: New working diagnosis of CIDP, starting pred

August 19, 2017 at 4:04 pm

I’ve had a thorough battery of labs. B12 was over 800. Everything came back normal except my ANA being 1:80. I had a CSF study 2 weeks ago, and all was normal except elevated albumin (37, upper limit is 25) and total protein 45, being the max upper limit of normal but also the lower limit for a CIDP diagnosis. I was tapered off the prednisone completely by the neuro I saw in the hospital here since my fasting glucose went up to 200 and other undesirable side effects. I’m waiting for my neurologist to get on the ball and start IVig and switch to SQig after a loading dose, and if he doesn’t I’m seeing another one that I’m sure will be more aggressive. Meanwhile I sit here with burning extremities and a numb face and mild foot drop while he does nothing.