Reply To: How does past GBS affect joint replacement?

August 14, 2017 at 1:18 pm

I am so Happy to see this Forum of knee replacement and GBS. I had GBS in 1974 as a 12 year old. No advance treatments were available yet, so I did PT and OT for 8 years, basically all my School life. Calf and ankle muscles are very weak i.e. cannot do tip toes, walk on sides of feet and have gait they could not correct. So now I am not 55 yrs old and have had swelling in both knees, pain when walking any distance. August of 2016 I was walking my Dog 1 mile daily, working full time and did not need assistance to walk and do stairs. Fast forward to Dec 2016, experiencing give out on right knee, pain, fluid build up. Did cortisone and gel injections – No help. Orthoscopic surgery to repair torn menisus and they found a lot of Arthritis and zero cartiliage. I am off work since May 2017 on medical, use a cane and cannot do stairs, even 1 step, if so I need both arms on support and try to do straight legged as bending is painful and both knees are weak. I have been active in past! How can both knees break down at same time? Can I succeed with Knee surgery replacement. I have been told by some Ortho Doctors that there is nothing they can do because they cannot fix lower extremites of weakness and atrophy of muscle. My current Ortho Doctor said it would help with pain to remove arthristis but in the end I will still walk same which I believe has caused the Knee issue in first place. Anyone have any thoughts, help, experience? I am located in Michigan. Thanks 😉