Reply To: Joint Laxity and GBS

August 13, 2017 at 11:45 pm

CIDP DX for me. My legs (hips, knees,thighs, calves) are worst and where it started with extreme weakness and progressed with neuropathy. Before it went full blown I had noticed time on exercise bike was shorter and difficult but did not know why.

Not hypermobile though at joints (at least as much as I understand the term joint laxity), if anything the opposite, but a similar issue of smaller movements needed much of the time. When things are really bad I get what I term “floppy foot”…not quit sure if its “drop foot” Ive read about.

In 4 weeks my walking ability deteriorated immensely and by 7-8 I went to bed each night unsure if I would be paralyzed in the morning. Got put on steroids while still doing testing which seemed to slow things down, but saw no real improvement until put on IVIG.

They first thought I had GBS, but after crossing the 8 week mark and getting multiple EMGs, MRIs of brain and spine, and an LP, they changed their minds to CIDP.