Reply To: IVIG number two, should I get it

July 28, 2017 at 11:10 am

Never had GBS.

Generally speaking, GBS lasting more than 8 weeks is considered CIDP. I had one set of neurologists declare, “..your IVIG was not successful. Therefore we are discontinuing it.” hmmph, I had clear, albeit anecdotal, (means my opinion) grip strength improvement.

Later that year the Specialist told me, “You probably did not have enough, often enough.” Indeed after a period of once per week treatments I began to steadily improve.

Long winded way of saying I would get a second opinion and accept the original Dr’s offer of another round of IVIG and remain skeptical of the Dr who thinks my problems are all, or mostly, related to ‘neck’ issues.

Further, unless you had serious reactions, a hospital stay is not necessary unless it is the only way to get your treatment covered.