Reply To: Cough? Short of breath?

July 22, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Last July, when I believe the very first signs of CIDP were emerging, I experienced shortness of breath upon exertion. I thought my asthma was acting up, but it turns out it was a symptom of the emerging disease.

My first doctor treated me with prednisone, 60mg, so needless to say, my breathing improved greatly-along with all my back pain! 😉 Unfortunately, the steroids did nothing to help my CIDP.

When I received my first round of IVIg in January, I think all signs of labored breathing vanished. It wasn’t until I had a relapse in late March that I experienced shortness of breath upon minor exertion again.

Now that I am on monthly rounds of IVig (since April), the huffing and puffing has pretty much went away.