Reply To: Isolation

July 5, 2017 at 9:24 am


Had the same issues with the contacts. E-mails did not work, phone number did not work, then I found the person about 3 hours from here, Ft. Myers, Fl left a message, never called back till I called again, short conversation but I person called from Alabama which was only once, BUT he gave me more info than anyone.

Volunteer ? I tried they want you to run, teach other doctors about it, do presentations on your time and dime. Filled out one app. received a call then nothing. Guess they make money on the donations. Check with your hospital and the ALS they may have more info. You are in a major area, there has to be something.

The happy pills, and your situation, I would remove that from this blog, its no ones business about your personal situation AND many times doctors put you on meds just to keep you quiet.

Let me know about the meetup. and Keep in touch! HUGS