Reply To: New working diagnosis of CIDP, starting pred

July 2, 2017 at 8:23 pm

If the prednisone is working, I’d stick with it. I’ve been on it since December, starting at 80mg a day.

For a month, it wrecked havoc on my sleep and there is the weight gain, but overall it was tolerable.

Unfortunately, Prednisone did little to help my CIDP, but apparently in others it works great. The one good thing about steroids is that they are cheap. IVIg is crazy expensive. Thank God I have great health insurance or I would be in the poor house or not getting treatment at all.

My new doctor started me on monthly infusions of IVIg and is tapering down the steroid. The IVIg has put me on the right track as my symptoms are slowly getting better.

You might want to watch this presentation on the symptoms and treatments for CIDP.