Reply To: Progress so far towards recovery

July 1, 2017 at 7:26 pm

Hi Jeff. Same here, I like to compare notes to see how I stand in terms of treatment and progression of the disease.

What I’ve read is that your nerves heal up to 3 years out. So that at that point, you will know where you stand in terms of permanent damage.

The weakness in my calves, the continued numbness in my forearms and fingers, and the numbness and pain in my feet are my issue areas.

During my 1st recovery from January through February, the numbness in my hands had completely healed.

But, since my relapse in mid March, they haven’t healed.

On the other hand, during this recovery, I definitely feel stronger from the waist up and as a whole, I have more energy and stamina.

I get 2 days of IVIg treatments next week. Curious to see what effects it has. It usually takes me 10 days out for it to kick in.

As for Lyrica, my insurance won’t cover it. I can’t complain as I’ve reached the point this year where my co-pay is $0.00 on my IVIg treatments since I’ve maxed out on my out of pocket expenses.

Thank God for my job and insurance.

The most annoying thing about CIDP is the day to variance. Good days, bad days. The pain often is never the same. Some days you wonder if you are relapsing and the very next might well be the best you’ve felt in ages.

Good luck Jeff and keep updating your condition.