Reply To: IVIG: Gammaked vs Gamunex-c

June 28, 2017 at 3:25 pm

JIM-LA gave a link to a chart a few months back. I was looking for it when I found this quote from a Registered Pharmacist in 2015- “Gamunex and Gammaked are made by the same manufacturer and are identical.”

My local infusion center has switched IVIG types because their ‘approved’ Formulary changed.

We can find that information in the same article- “No brand has been proven to be more effective than another. Some prescribers may write for a particular brand based on past experience and familiarity. Some payers have limited formularies and may require use of a specific brand. ”


The chart I found shows Gamunex-C® Grifols; Gammaked® Kedrion.


The data supplied in the chart for these two appears identical as stated above.

Yep, no matter what talk with your doctor about your results.