Reply To: Non-linear recovery (tell me I don't have CIDP)

June 19, 2017 at 9:50 pm

AAMCW – do you live in the US and do you have private insurance? If so, you can google your insurance company and IVIG guidelines for when they will approve it and what lab/test/clinical results must be present. If you are in a grey area, you’ll need to your MD to really advocate for you, and it sounds like the neuro does not think it is indicated. I’d start the process to get a second opinion, hopefully with a Foundation Center of Excellence — someone who specializes in CIDP. It can take weeks to get an appointment, and you can always cancel it if you decide you don’t need it. And of course ask to be put on the cancel list if they can see you sooner. Good luck — I know this is very frustrating!