Reply To: Newly diagnosed with CIDP and Breastfeeding

June 14, 2017 at 6:34 pm

Thanks everyone for your reply and appreciate you took the time to share your perspective. It’s comforting that I have a medium to connect with you and learn about your journey as I am walking mine. I definitely will look into joining some Facebook support groups as well.

I will, like you suggested, give IVIG some time. Thanks for giving me the perspective that I was diagnosed and got treatments relatively early on. And now it’s the trial and error stage to see what treatment, how much and how soon to keep my symptoms at bay. I am adjusting my expectation as I learn about CIDP. It’s just I am so eager to get some positive results and worried about getting worse. I did feel very weak last Friday (end of third week after my last treatment). I had a treatment with the new dosage Sunday and I felt not as weak (energy wise) after. Then I went to physical therapy and tried to get groceries (gotta feed the family!) on Monday and I got so tired so fast. I ended up shopping half way and had to stop and go home. I am still adjusting to what I can do.

Chirpybirdy, are you able to walk normal, run and do exercise the way you used to?