Reply To: CIDP and Medicare

June 11, 2017 at 3:07 pm

Supplemental Insurance, by definition, is required to pay on those charges Medicare Approves. If Medicare does not pay, neither will the Supplement pay. Your Insurance guy should have told you that.

This is a personal decision. Seems a silly question to me. I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me I’m about to cross any line or I won’t need hospitalization or cancer treatment, or you name it….

Let’s say IVIG costs, $10,000, ok, maybe only $8,000. Like this: Amount charged: $7,945.00 Medicare Approved: $3,001.50 I may be billed: $594.67

These are real numbers.

Let’s round up $594.67 to $600 and let’s say I get one infusion per month, which I do. $600*12 = $7,200

My Medicare Supplemental Plan F costs $185 per month times 12 = about $2400. I know which one I choose.