Reply To: Cleavland Clinic or John Hopkins?

June 6, 2017 at 10:21 pm

Mayo has Clinics in Jacksonville, Fl, Arizona and Minn. Please be a little more specific.

CIDP is difficult to diagnose. Spinal tap can be inconclusive. Mine were. Throw other complications in, such as you have, and the degree of difficulty goes up, way up.

I saw the following Doctors at Cleveland Clinic: Kerry Levin, Kamal Chemali; Debabrata Gosh.

I saw these Doctors, and more, at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota: PJB Dyck, Tracy, Lieuluck.

Mayo Clinic gave me a diagnosis but it took time. Cleveland Clinic did not give a diagnosis and, did not agree with the diagnosis Mayo gave me, given the same data to review.

Pick a place you are comfortable with. I’ve heard good things about Hopkins.