Reply To: Results from May's IVIg treatments

May 20, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Week two update. I’ve seen a tremendous increase in my core strength. At work I can pick up boxes and handle the workload almost like I could pre-CIDP. Overall I feel like I have more vitality. In fact, this Thursday, I played in my golf league. First time I played since September. I don’t have the strength or coordination to hit a 1 wood yet. So I hit a 5 wood off the tee, about a 150 yards. That’s 50 yards shorter than usual, but the bottom line is that I was able to play. That is a big step forward.

Ultimately, still, if I over do it, the numbness in my arms, feet, and hands does come back and I have to rest up a few days for it to decrease.

In general, while my strength has returned, I still have that numbness/tingling/pain from my elbows to my fingers and from my knees to my toes. My calf muscles still feel weak as well. And, my feet still begin to hurt after being on them for a few hours.

I guessing that with the relapse in mid-March, my myelin and nerves were damaged again and it will be a long healing process.

Hopefully with the next IVIg infusion in June, I’ll maintain my strength and the nerve/myelin damage will begin to heal.

I’m not complaining in anyway, shape or form. Not having that run down feeling and having the strength to lift items at work is a great start.

Where I’m upset is with my previous doctor for allowing me to relapse(by not continuing the IVIg regimen), in essence forcing my to once again go through the process of having pain/numbness in my fingers, which I had pretty much gotten rid of by the end of February.

I do see my new neurologist this Tuesday. It will be interesting to hear his take on my progress.