Reply To: Have CIDP and Diabetes?

May 18, 2017 at 1:46 am

I have CIDP and type 1 Diabetes. Steroids have never been considered by my treating neurologist because of its effect on blood glucose. I have had some benefit from Rituximab and the plan was to have it every 3 months but in Australia it costs a lot of money ( insurance won’t pay for it) so now I am on cellcept.
It’s extremely important to maintain tight blood glucose control with a HbA1c in the 4.6- 5.5 range to minimise the chance of complications. I can recommend a book called Dr Bernsteins Diabetes Solution. Dr Bernstein is an Endocrinologist in New York State who himself is type 1 for over 60 years. He maintains normal blood glucose and has reversed complications in himself and his patients. A useful YouTube seminar are any by Dr Troy Stapleton.