Reply To: Starting IVIG Loading Dose

May 17, 2017 at 1:20 pm

I just got a copy of my hospital bill for my five days of hospitalization for getting IVig. The only other things done were a brain CT before doing a spinal tap. The bill was close to $300000! When I got to the hospital, they asked for almost $1400 up front before starting treatment. I expect the insurance to pay this, since it was all pre-approved, taking four very long months for that to happen.

Do you have massive co-pays every time you have an infusion? My follow up treatments have been one five day course of Prednisone and I am on day five of six day of a MedrolPak now. Since that only costs about $20, I am sure that makes the insurance company very happy, but being diabetic, it is doing horrible things to my blood sugar levels. But I am stronger, but th Prednisone wore off in a couple of weeks.