Reply To: Have CIDP and Diabetes?

May 7, 2017 at 10:09 pm

JK – Haven’t contacted anyone about the SNF situation. Just complaining about the situation in-house for my previous SNF got me “black-balled” (term used by hospital social worker who was unable to place me in any SNF in my large hometown) because the SNF community does contact each other. My complaint was about their incompetent staff doctor and I just wanted my own doctor to prescribe for me. They also would not make recommended specialist referral appointments. I can’t screw myself anymore than I already am as I need the care.

My main objective right now is to walk again so I can go home. Fixing my foot is a big issue, but having the strength to just stand is big, since I don’t know if it is the CIDP or the anemia making me dizzy. My primary doctor is provided by the facility and has been pretty invisible.