Reply To: Starting another 5 day treatment of IVIg

May 5, 2017 at 8:06 pm

My infusion rate sorted itself out. If the rate left me finished in 3 hours, or less, I experienced headaches immediately, and then almost everyday until the next infusion. Loading up on water the day before and the day of treatment, in conjunction with an NSAID and some Benadryl combined with a titrated rate calculated to end in 4 hours reduced the headaches.

My prescription included all the above, at my request.

Of course, how long it takes is directly correlated to the total amount infused and the rate. Some people get a lot, some get less. From the gamunex-c website:

“It is recommended that the initial infusion rate be used for the first 30 minutes. If well tolerated, the rate may be gradually increased to a maximum of 0.08 mL/kg per minute (8 mg/kg/min).”

Note the fine print “…if well tolerated.” So, decide if you are tolerating the rate.