Reply To: Mayo Dr. said GBS a year ago/but gettting worse

May 4, 2017 at 7:18 pm

I also went to Mayo Clinic. A long time ago. One of the many doctors I saw, in fact, the one that mattered, stated “let’s give you IVIG, if you respond positively, then we have our answer.”

Times have changed since then. The major roadblock to getting IVIG now is meeting whatever criteria the insurance company that covers you has laid down. Your attending physician surely has valid reasons for not allowing the treatment.

So, go forth and find a doctor who will authorize some IVIG for you.

GH summed it up. Getting an accurate & correctneurplogical diagnosis is often difficult. Do your own web search for ‘standard criteria to diagnose cidp’ or, sign up for a free account at medscape and read all about it.

An article by Dr. Lewis updated in 2016. The article leads off with this: “CIDP typically starts insidiously and evolves slowly, in either a slowly progressive or a relapsing manner, with partial or complete recovery between recurrences; periods of worsening and improvement usually last weeks or months. Most experts consider the necessary duration of symptoms to be greater than 8 weeks for the diagnosis of CIDP to be made.”