Reply To: Help? Rehab facility refusing admission

May 3, 2017 at 11:35 pm

You certainly would not want to place her in a facility that does not have experience in dealing with GBS patients. I know that some places are considered a “Sub Acute” facility, which would deal with more seriously ill who might be on a respirator or require tube feeding.

A co-worker who had GBS was sent to a rehab place in San Pedro that she said was excellent. I am in a SNF in Bellflower that had decided to IVig infusions onsite so I had to go to the hospital. I was previously in a place in Long Beach that provided more services, but this was before I got the CIDP diagnosis. I left there because their staff doctor was sloppy with his prescribing, not checking my allergies before giving antibiotics and ignoring my complaints of weakness, numbness and dizziness, which led to a one year delay in my diagnosis. After discharge and rehospitalization, I needed to be placed in another SNF and I was turned down by every facility in Long Beach (except one that cost $11,000/month) because this place had me “blackballed” according to the hospital social worker, so that is why I am in Bellflower.

So they can turn you down because they think you might be too much trouble.