Reply To: Excessive Physical Exertion Takes a Toll

April 28, 2017 at 8:28 am

Hi Bryan F,

Yes, I am the same way right now. Whenever I over-do it, or seem to have another physical illness, my CIPD acts up. I was feeling good up until a week ago. I then did a bunch of yard work over 2 days… my allergies acted up (my eyes were so swollen) and then came the calf/feet twitches, fatigue and painful, weak hands. So now I am trying to relax and get better. I was originally diagnosed with CIDP since my symptoms ran through my body over 10 weeks, but then my LP was fine, so they switch did to GBS. I think it is still TBD. I have never had any treatments, so I’m wondering if CIDP ever just remits on it’s own. All I know is that it’s been consistent that the more I use my hands the more they hurt. Stay positive! It’s a tough road to travel, but you are not traveling it alone!